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Katelyn Harrington

Strategy, UX, design, and development are the core fundamentals of any web and mobile application. These four elements, when brought together, are the building blocks for a complete, and successful web presence. As a web architect, I work to bring all of these aspects together to provide clients with the best possible web presence.

The web is always evolving with new technology and online marketing needs to change equally as fast. Every client needs a custom marketing strategy crafted to convert existing leads and attract new ones. User Experience is just as crucial to implementing a marketing strategy as design and development. It should always be in the forefront during the entire process, sometimes changing the direction of the project if and when needed.

UI/UX is art and science coming together. It is how consumers discover, share information and connect. Intelligent design is no longer a luxury but a everyday commodity and consumer expectations are always rising. To compete for attention, users need to be thoroughly engaged, they need direction, reward or utility. Thoughtful UX combined with strategy, design and great development will create loyal followers who will ultimately become advocates. From start to finish, each element is always considered crucial to allow for a custom web presence that attracts and engages your users.